Date and Location

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan will be held on Saturday, November 21, 2020 at Taipei Expo Dome

The event will be part of the Meet Taipei event from 2:00 pm  to 5:00 pm on the Global Stage.

No. 1 Yumen St., Zhongshan District, Taipei City

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Come and see the 5th annual Dragons’ Chamber, the pitch event for foreign entrepreneurs, on November 21, 2-5PM.

Mandatory registration:

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, please attend for free during Meet Taipei, Taiwan’s largest startup festival with hundreds of startups participating, well worth a visit for all business-minded people.

Our Dragons’ Chamber 2020 teams:

::: Avox ( The most flexible and hassle-free parental control tool to manage online computer gaming.

::: Boom Tea ( Quick and fun to make instant boba kit, boom bubble tea is the new beverage you will want in your kitchen.

::: Sol bike ( It is our goal to immerse the player into the game so far so that increased fitness & knowledge comes only as a by-product of the fun and enjoyment the player experiences.

::: Simply the Best ( We provide best in class natural, organic, zero waste and vegan certified skin and body care products for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

::: Origami Labs ( OFLO, a productivity-focused visual-less smartphone delivered through a discreet audio wearable, designed to enhance frontline workers screen-less workflow with voice computing and bring these frontline workers into the digital workplace.

This year we had more teams than ever applying to participate and had a tough job picking our 5 finalists. We wish all teams who applied all the best success!

Organizers: Enspyre Canadian Chamber of Commerce MUSA Trademark Reach to Teach

Sponsors: Anemone Ventures Business Next Grant Thornton Geber Futureward ICRT

Mandatory registration:

Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan has no legal or financial stake in any outcomes from this event. We do not vouch for or guarantee the credibility, reliability, honesty or professionalism of any of the entrepreneurs. We do not encourage that you make any business deals while at this event. All activities undertaken by the attendees or entrepreneurs are entirely at their own discretion and risk.