2019 Dragons’ Chamber First Prize Winner

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Since Monster Foods competed in the Dragon’s Chamber event a lot has happened. We were able to secure funding for our factory space and were able to get the build-out organized and completed in 4 months. As of this September we will have been open and operating at the new facility for 6 months.

Competing in the Dragons Chamber event was a real eye opener for our business. It forced us to take a very hard look at what we were trying to accomplish and how to best convey that vision to others. The entire experience of creating and testing pitches in the run up to the event helped polish that vision and gave us confidence in what we had been doing. Being able to see the transformation of a train wreck of a first pitch to winning the event was an incredible morale boost. If I hadn’t had the pressure of the event pushing me out of my comfort zone I don’t think I would have experienced this level of professional growth.

The most rewarding part of the experience was having the opportunity to sit down and speak with professionals that were willing to give honest and constructive feedback. Sometimes when you build something yourself, without much business experience, it’s hard to know if you are doing the right thing. Having this opportunity has really given me confidence in our future. If you are thinking about making a pitch this is definitely an experience that will help you grow.

Alex Wagner, Monster Foods