Taiwan has a vibrant and growing startup scene. In 2015, Taiwanese companies received a total of USD440 Million in venture capital. However, it is still hard for entrepreneurs to raise the seed money they need to get started.

It is even harder if you are a immigrant entrepreneur with fewer family members around and basically no chance to borrow from the bank.

Started in 2016, Dragons’ Chamber work to bridge the fundraising gap for immigrant entrepreneurs who need to raise up to NTD5 million.

The organizers to this are experienced foreign entrepreneurs who have lived in Taiwan for many years and who understand the challenges of starting a business and raising the needed resources. For years, we have watched the TV show Dragon’s Den (called Shark Tank in the US) offer a platform for entrepreneurs and investors to meet and now we want to do something similar in Taiwan.

Foreign Entrepreneurs in Taiwan contribute a lot to the Taiwanese economy and society. A survey performed by our co-organizer Enspyre on behalf of Taipei Department of Economic Development indicates that companies founded by foreigners have on average twice as many employees and are three times as likely to do international business as the average Taiwanese Small Medium Enterprise (SME).


Inspiring the Next Next Generation Entrepreneurs

For several years, Dragons’ Chamber has also worked with several schools to encourage youngsters to consider a future as entrepreneurs.

It started with a cooperation with the Dominican International School and their entrepreneur program lead by Mercia De Souza. Every year, she guides a number of student teams as they set up and build businesses. Dragons’ Chamber has allowed these student teams to come and present their companies and receive the same level of detailed and honest feedback as the adult teams would. If time permits one of the student teams also get a chance to present at the finals, while the Dragons deliberate which of the finalist teams will take home the first prize.

These are some feedback from the Dominican students after they had experienced the Dragons’ Chamber process:

  • “Dragons’ Chamber allowed us to understand what we are facing when we are starting up our own company.”
  • “The Dragons’ Chamber experience showed me just how brutal the business world is.”
  • “The Dragon’s Chamber was my best experience this year.”
  • “The Dragon’s Chamber made the business world real for me.”

In 2020, Dragons’ Chamber also cooperated with the Taipei European School. TES organized a business plan competition where students could form teams to develop business ideas. Dragons’ Revital Golan and Elias Ek, joined the event to judge the competition. The winning team were invited to present at the Dragons’ Chamber finals in November 2020.

All the organizers of Dragons’ Chamber are proud of our help supporting perhaps the Next Next generation of entrepreneurs.


Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Not finding what you want? Reach out directly through our Contact Us page.

Q: Who can attend the Dragons’ Chamber finals?

A: The finals are open to anyone.

Q: How do I find your social media channels?

A: Please click on our Facebook icon at the top on the page or follow the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan on FB.

Q: How can I get a ticket?

A: Dragons’ Chamber Taiwan will be a free event for the public. Seating will be limited, so we suggest that you arrive 30 minutes before the start time. Seating will go on a first come, first served basis after the guest list seats have been filled. You will need a ticket to Meet Taipei to get into the event hall, so head over to their website and sign up.

Q: How do I enter into the pitch contest?

A: Fill out the application form.

Q: How are the companies selected for the pitch contest?

A: All companies applying to the pitching competition will be evaluated by Dragons’ Chamber based on the information given in the registration form.

Q: What are the pitching evaluation criteria?

A: Each pitch will be evaluated by the Dragons. The evaluation will be based on your product, market potential, gained traction, competence of your team and investment readiness. Keep in mind every startup must find their own unique way to communicate their idea and connect.

Q: If my application is not accepted, can I adjust it and reapply?

A: Yes, you may reapply for a future event.

Q: I made an agreement with someone at the Dragon’s Chamber event, but then they changed their mind about working with me. Can Dragons’ Chamber assist in getting them back on-board?

A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot get involved in any business arrangements between you and potential business partners. Your ability to grab and then hold the interest of potential investors is yours alone.



Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan

CCCT was established in 1983 by a group of Canadians, in answer to the absence of official Canadian representation in Taiwan at that time. We have been delivering results to the business community in Taiwan since 2013.

Since its inception, the Chamber has grown from an organization providing basic support to Canadians on the island, to a Chamber serving the needs of all Canadians and friends of Canada in Taiwan. In 1984, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan was officially registered with the Ministry of the Interior as a foreign association – the first of its kind in Taiwan.

The CCCT’s Small Business Network’s goal is to connect small business owners in Taiwan. Through the Dragons’ Chamber, which is the first event of its kind in Taiwan, we aim to connect small business owners and entrepreneurs with industry leaders in Taiwan that are looking for good business ideas.



Co-founded by Swedish national Elias Ek in 2002, Enspyre is Taiwan’s premier B2B marketing company. They service companies like Oracle, eBay, Financial Times and hundreds more. Enspyre also provides phone answering services to startups and SMEs.

Enspyre and Elias has been involved with events helping foreign entrepreneurs since 2005.

In 2013 Enspyre published the book How to Start a Business in Taiwan to help mainly foreign entrepreneurs get their companies started in Taiwan.


MUSA Trademark

MUSA Trademark, derive their name from the Muses, the nine Greek inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. Their goal is to help protect intellectual property and expand its value.

Trademarks represent your corporate image and the key to sustainable growth, losing a trademark is irreversible and will cost mightily. They provide professional full-range trademark services to optimize your intellectual property strategies in Taiwan and around the world. They take great pride in our profession and understand the importance of helping our clients protect their intellectual property.