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Join Dragons’ Chamber

Get invaluable feedback on your business and presentation and get exposure for your company with investors, partners and customers.


Please fill in the Dragons’ Chamber application. Take the time to really describe your business. Application and participation is completely free, all you need to invest is your time and commitment.

Dragons’ Chamber staff will review all applications in accordance to ensure your company fulfill all criteria.


From all teams that submit their applications before the deadline, we will invite a number of you to be invited for the first round of auditions. Each team gets 30 minutes. You will need to prepare your 10-minute pitch presentation and be prepared to answer our mentors’ often very detailed questions about things like your business model, team and traction.


The mentors will invite those teams they think have potential to make changes and updates to both business model and presentation.

Over several months, the Dragons’ will help you improve your business model and presentation while whittling down the field to 5 finalists.


The finalists will present on the large stage during Meet Taipei in front of the Dragons’ and a large audience made up of members of the startup community.

It varies from year to year, but the winner of the Finals usually walk away with NTD200,000+ of free products and services

Let’s Hear From Some Dragons’ Chamber Alumni

Alex Wagner, Monster Foods, First Prize Winner Dragons’ Chamber 2019

Competing in the Dragons Chamber event was a real eye opener for our business. It forced us to take a very hard look at what we were trying to accomplish and how to best convey that vision to others. The entire experience of creating and testing pitches in the run up to the event helped polish that vision and gave us confidence in what we had been doing. Being able to see the transformation of a train wreck of a first pitch to winning the event was an incredible morale boost. If I hadn’t had the pressure of the event pushing me out of my comfort zone I don’t think I would have experienced this level of professional growth.

The most rewarding part of the experience was having the opportunity to sit down and speak with professionals that were willing to give honest and constructive feedback. Sometimes when you build something yourself, without much business experience, it’s hard to know if you are doing the right thing. Having this opportunity has really given me confidence in our future. If you are thinking about making a pitch this is definitely an experience that will help you grow.

Lydia Chang

“It was a privilege for Origin Yoga & Wellness to be part of the finalist of last year’s Dragon Chamber’s event at Meet Taipei 2019. We have great exposure through the pitch event and at our Meet Taipei booth, and really enjoyed meeting many other entrepreneurs. We also gained a few bookings from the event that leads to many other referrals. It’s amazing how the butterfly effect works!

Through the many pitch mentoring sessions, it really allowed me to understand the investor’s way of thinking. Having an investor’s view from outside in, it made me realize both the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities of the business from an objective standpoint. This experience led me to look at the hard questions in the business and tweak it to make it better. It also helped me clarify and articulate my long term vision for the business.

Dragon’s Chamber was my first public pitching experience. To experience the energy of pitching in front of judges and other startups was an eye-opening experience that helped me gain great confidence. Now I am now more prepared to pitch in front of other investors or collaborators in the future. The whole experience was invaluable, big thanks to the Dragon’s Chamber committee for this opportunity!”

Prizes From Previous Years

Every year our great sponsors donate different prizes for us to give out to our winners and finalists. Here are some examples:

  • Free booth at Meet Taipei, Taiwan’s largest startup festival
  • Hot Desk memberships at FutureWard
  • Hot Desk memberships from The Executive Centre at Taipei Nanshan Plaza
  • Service fee-free Taiwan & discounted China trademark application from Musa Trademark
  • Six Box Consultation from Grant Thornton
  • Half-day brand strategy diagnosis with consultants from Geber Brand Consulting
  • Hour and a half consultation session with Anemone Ventures
  • 30,000 discount fo B2B Marketing from Enspyre
  • 3 months free Phone Answering services from Enspyre