Origin Yoga & Wellness was a 2019 Dragons Chamber Taiwan Finalist

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It was a privilege for Origin Yoga & Wellness to be part of the finalist of last year’s Dragon Chamber’s event at Meet Taipei 2019. We have great exposure through the pitch event and at our Meet Taipei booth, and really enjoyed meeting many other entrepreneurs. We also gained a few bookings from the event that leads to many other referrals. It’s amazing how the butterfly effect works!

Through the many pitch mentoring sessions, it really allowed me to understand the investor’s way of thinking. Having an investor’s view from outside in, it made me realize both the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities of the business from an objective standpoint. This experience led me to look at the hard questions in the business and tweak it to make it better. It also helped me clarify and articulate my long term vision for the business.

Dragon’s Chamber was my first public pitching experience. To experience the energy of pitching in front of judges and other startups was an eye-opening experience that helped me gain great confidence. Now I am now more prepared to pitch in front of other investors or collaborators in the future. The whole experience was invaluable, big thanks to the Dragon’s Chamber committee for this opportunity!

Lydia Chang, Origin Yoga & Wellness