Since 2016, Dragons’ Chamber has given foreign entrepreneurs in Taiwan a platform to gain exposure and valuable feedback on their businesses. Now we want to look at the other side of the equation and show how people can become angel investors. Investing in startups is a risky but potentially rewarding endeavor. Please come and learn from experienced investors about why and how to do angel investments. If you have a few hundred thousand NTD that you could possibly, under the right circumstances, consider investing in a worthy startup you believe in, please come and learn how that would work.

If you are a more experienced investor and want to come and meet other investors, please do not hesitate to sign up as well!

Co-organized by MUSA Trademark, Enspyre and CCCT Small Business Committee.

Introduction: Elias Ek introduces Dragons’ Chamber
Keynote: Mark Hsu – How and Why to Become An Angel Investor
Short introductions by angel investors: Dr. Torbjörn Nordling, more to be added
Panel and Audience Discussion led by Ping Chu

Place: Futureward
B1F., No. 343, Changchun Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan
Date: June 20th
Time: 18:30PM
Fee: $500 (Light Food and Drinks Included, pay at event)

Sign up at Facebook or please send us a message to let us know you want to come.

This event is sponsored by Enspyre and MUSA Trademark


Mark Hsu
Mark Hsu is a serial Entrepreneur, co-founding GD1, KKBox, Envision & other companies. He has now been an angel investor for twenty years and has invested in 25 companies.

Torbjörn Nordling
Torbjörn Nordling is an international angel investor with a passion for disruptive innovation and research, investing in people that want to reach their potential. He has invested in more than 10+ companies in the U.S., U.K., Sweden, and Israel.

Li Ping Chu
Li Ping Chu co-founded Apex Language Consulting and training in 2016. Ping has been a member of the Canadian Chamber since 2018 with a focus on helping organize events with the Business Committee and is now part of the board of directors. He is also their head of communications and hosts the CCCT Podcast.

Elias Ek
Elias Ek is a life-long entrepreneur and angel investor. He is currently invested in 10 companies in Taiwan, Singapore, Sweden and the US.

About Dragons’ Chamber

Dragons’ Chamber is a pitch event for foreign entrepreneurs co-organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, MUSA Trademark and Enspyre.
Applications for the program will open in July, first auditions will take place in September and the finals will be held during the Meet Taipei Startup Conference in November.
More than a hundred companies have gone through our program and 30 well deserved finalists have presented on the big stage, several of which have later raised money to grow.

Foreign Investors Investing With Foreign Entrepreneurs

We have a special place in our hearts for foreigners investing with foreigners. Around the world, we have seen how immigrant communities are pooling their money and investing with themselves in a rising tide lifts all boats mentality. This does not happen as much in Taiwan and we hope to change that. If you are a foreign resident in Taiwan with a successful career or business, please consider to attend this event and learn how and why you should become an angel investor. Let’s work together!